De ‘Ondergewaardeerde 30’ is onze non-hitlijst en wordt samengesteld door muzikanten en DJ’s. Liedjes die in hun oren nog steeds ondergewaardeerd zijn.
Elke laatste donderdag van de maand is er een nieuwe bijdrage.

Onze gaste is in de V.S. geboren en geheel volgens de traditie van grote zangeressen begonnen met gospel zingen in de naburige kerk. Musicals en shows brachten haar naar Europa om uiteindelijk in Nederland neer te strijken. Na enkele albums en singles start ze in 2015 The Gospel Sessions samen met onder andere Onno Smit en inmiddels zijn er drie albums uitgebracht. Ondergewaardeerde Liedjes heeft hier al eens over geblogd. Met de show hebben ze inmiddels opgetreden in Engeland, Frankrijk, Duitsland, Spanje en België met elke keer dansende en zingende toeschouwers. Gospel verpakt in een deken van Soul, Blues, Jazz en Afrobeat.

Het meest Ondergewaardeerde liedje aller tijden volgens Michelle David: Melba Moore – The Other Side Of The Rainbow (1982)

I’m always mentioning artist from the past that were fantastic, but never made it pass the U.S.A. Then you have those who do make it across the North Atlantic Ocean, but only to a few regions. I will forever be baffled at such greats that never receive worldwide recognition.

I’m so pleased that this sort of platform exist. That there are those who will not let the unsung remain unnoticed or forgotten. I’m honoured to have been asked to be February’s guest. I’m so elated that I get the chance to stamp on paper the artist who’s artistry and songs are greatly ‘Ondergewaardeerd’.

It’s my pleasure to introduce to some and present to others Melba Moore. She is a Broadway star turned TV and R&B Grammy nominated icon. She is only the third black artist along with Michael Jackson and Donna Summer to be nominated in the category for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance with 1985’s When You Love Me Like This. This four octive Diva’s voice has the clarity sharp enough to cut through diamonds. Her vocal control has been said to be unparalleled. But her signature essence is her ability to hold notes in her high register. Such skilfulness will leave you thinking she’s not of this word.

The song that best illustrates these wonders is The Other Side Of The Rainbow (1982). Moore’s sultry sound from the beginning of the song is multi-layered. It’s soft yet equally powerful. Her head tones, falsetto and complete chest tones are so intertwined that you aren’t even aware that she made a change. It’s incredible to witness all of her worlds mesh together in one track. I can only describe it as ‘Classical meets Legit who’s friendly with Rhythm and Soul’ yet they’re all related to Gospel.

When asked to participate I knew immediately who I wanted to place the spotlight. I think none is more deserving for this “Ondergewaardeerde 30” than Melba Moore.

Uit: Jimi Hendrix (love him!!). However, even if you aren’t familiar with his songs his name alone commands attention (of which he deservingly has), giving this spot to someone who is legendary yet still invisible.

Release Artiest en Titel
1946 Louis Jordan – Ain’t That Just Like a Woman (They’ll Do It Every Time)
1967 Q65 – From Above
1968 Syl Johnson – Is It Because I’m Black
1969 Nick Drake – River Man
1973 Judee Sill – The Kiss
1976 Jerry Jeff Walker – Won’t You Give Me One More Chance
1977 Frankie Miller – Searching
1977 James Booker – Life
1978 Breeze – It’s Only A Matter Of Time
1979 Lee Clayton – If I Can Do It (So Can You)
1979 Lowell George – Cheek To Cheek
1981 Frank Zappa – Tinsel Town Rebellion
1982 Melba Moore – The Other Side Of The Rainbow
1986 The Feelies – Slipping (Into Something)
1988 Public Enemy – Rebel Without A Pause
1992 The Saw Doctors – Never Mind The Strangers
1993 Daniel Lanois – Death Of A Train
1999 Jason Falkner – Holiday
2001 Suzanne Vega – Songs In Red And Clay
2002 Clearlake – Wonder If The Snow Will Settle
2003 David Sylvian – Blemish
2006 Dixie Chicks – Not Ready To Make Nice
2006 IAMX – S.H.E.
2007 Shantel – Disko Partizani
2008 Jim O’Rourke – Pictures Of Adolf Again
2009 Tim Minchin – Prejudice
2012 2:54 – You’re Early
2014 The Big Hunger – Ways To Waste Time
2015 Flying Horseman – Brother
2017 M-Jo – Buttons I’ve lost

Cursief = niet op Spotify

De huidige Ondergewaardeerde 30 is samengesteld uit bijdragen van Robin Assen, Bazz, Una Bergin, Erik van Biesen, Paul Bond, Jaap Boots, Bertus Borgers, Robin Borneman, Ruud van Bree, Marcus BruystensDJ Ratz, Marinus de Goederen, Joep GuddeKevin de Harde, Hugo HeinenLenny Helsing, Specs Hildebrand, Karianne Hylkema, Maceál, Paul de Munnik, Joop van Nimwegen, Aafke Romeijn, Ton Scherpenzeel, Martje Schoemaker, Ollie Schmitz, Arjan Snijders, Rick Treffers, Ad Vanderveen en Rob Vunderink.

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