Dat was het!

De stembussen van de Snob 2000 zijn weer gesloten. Dank voor je stem, houd deze plek in de gaten; op 18 december maken we de lijst bekend. Dan begint ook de uitzending bij Pinguin Radio.



  1. Ben ik weer net te laat… Waarom de stemperiode niet gelijk laten lopen met die van grote broer?

    1. Een van de redenen is dat de uitzending al op 18 december begint (overdag van 7 tot 7 bij Pinguin radio). Een week eerder en daarom moeten we ook een week eerder starten met de stembus. Zet voor volgend jaar gewoon 28 november als stemdag in je agenda; zit je altijd goed 🙂

  2. Dit is mijn persoonlijke Top 2000 van 2020. Misschien heeft iemand er iets aan. 🙂

    ABBA / Watch out
    ABBA / Rock me
    ABBA / Sitting in the palmtree
    ABBA / My mama said
    ABBA / Dance (while the music still goes on)
    ABC / Unzip
    ABC / If I ever thought you’d be lonely
    Aberfeldy / Hypnotizeted
    Academy / Turn it up
    Ace Frehley / Eugene
    Ace of base / Always have, always will
    Adventures, The You don’t have to cry anymore
    Adventures, The / Heaven knows which way
    Adventures, The / The sound of summer
    Adventures, The / Tell me now
    Adventures, The / When your heart was young
    Adam Ant / Puss’n boots
    Adam Ant / Playboy
    Adrissi brothers / Ghost dancer
    Agents aren’t aeroplanes / The upstroke
    Agnetha Faltskog / I won’t let you go
    Agnetha Faltskog / Just one heart
    A-HA / Scoundrel days
    A-HA / Here I stand and face the rain
    A-HA / October
    A-HA / Maybe maybe
    A-HA / Velvet
    A-HA / Manhattan skyline
    Air / La femme d’argent
    Air / Alpha beta gaga
    Air / Cherry blossom girl
    Air / Surfing on a rocket
    Air supply / Even the nights are better
    Al Bano & Romina Power / Sempre sempre
    Al Bano & Romina Power / Domani, Domani
    Alanis Morrissette / That I would be good
    Alan Parsons project / The gold bug
    Alan Parsons project / In the lapse of the Gods
    Alan Parsons project / Lucifer
    Alan Parsons project / I robot
    Alan Parsons project / Voyager
    Alan Parsons project / Mammagamma
    Alan Parsons project / Games people play
    Alan Parsons project / Since the last goodbye
    Alan Parsons project / Separate lives
    Alba / Only music survives
    Albert West / Tears
    Albert West / Girls & Cadillacs
    Alegres, Los / Yes, I do like your Bermuda
    Alessi brothers / Seabird
    Alessi brothers / London
    Alessi brothers / Joanna
    Alexei Sayle / Ullo John gotta new motor
    Alice Cooper / It’s me
    Alisha’s attic / The incidentals
    Alison Moyet / This house
    Alizee / J’en ai marre
    All about Eve / Martha’s harbour
    All quiet / Part time criminal
    All saints / Black coffee
    Alyne / Over the sky
    Alphaville / Dance with me
    Alphavile / Romeos
    Alphaville / Fallen angels
    Alphaville / Sounds like a melody (12”)
    Alphaville / Jet set
    Andre Moss / Ella
    Andrea / I’m a lover
    Andrea True connection / More, more, more
    Andreas Dorau / Girls in love
    Andrew Gold / How can this be love
    Andy Bown / Another shipwreck
    Andy Gibb / Desire
    Andy Gibb / An everlasting love
    Andy Summers / How many days
    Andy Summers / Love is the strangest way
    Angela Werner / Fantasy
    Angie / Clouds
    Angry Anderson / Suddenly
    Animotion / Obsession
    Animotion / I engineer
    Anita Garbo / Miracles
    Anita Meyer / Rock me up a mountain
    Anji Cakebread / Dear computer
    Ann Palmer band / I’m a woman
    Annie / Chewing gum
    Arcadia / Election day
    Argent / Hold your head up
    Aristakes / Don’t wanna live without you
    Arnhem / Goodbye my friend
    Ark, The / Hey modern days
    Ark, The / It takes a fool to remain sane
    Assembly, The / Never, never
    Associates, The / No!
    Associates, The / Schampout
    Associates, The / The stranger in your voice
    Athos / A new way is born
    Axelle Red / A tatons
    Axodry / Feel it right
    Aztec camera / Working in a goldmine
    Aztec camera / Somewhere in my heart
    Aztec camera / Still on fire
    Aztec camera / Oblivious
    Aztec camera / Walk out to winter
    Aztec camera / All I need is everything
    B-52’s / Deep sleep
    B-movie / Switch on – switch off
    B-movie / Heart of gold
    B-witched / Like the rose
    B.A. Robertson / Knocked it off
    Babe / Indian habits
    Babe / Together in love again
    Baccara / Bad boys
    Bad boys blue / You’re a woman
    Bad manners / What the papers say
    Badfinger / Day after day
    Baiano e os novos caetanos / Vo bate pa tu
    Bananarama / Cheers then
    Bananarama / State I’m in
    Bananarama / Rough justice
    Bangles, The / Anna Lee (Sweetheart of the sun)
    Bardo / One step further
    Baronet, The / The pelican dance
    Barry & Eileen / Summerwine
    Basia / Time and tide
    Basia / New day for you
    Basia / Prime time TV
    Basia / Baby you’re mine
    Bastian / You’ve got my love
    Bauer / Libitz in a car
    Bauer / Thin white line
    BB & Q band / Starlette
    Be your own pet / Adventure
    Beach boys / Let’s go away for a while
    Beagle music Ltd. / Daydream
    Beatles / Taxman
    Beautiful South / Dumb
    Beautiful south / Sail this ship alone
    Beautiful South / Perfect 10
    Beautiful South / All red eyes is back
    Beautiful South / Good as gold
    Bell, book & candle / Rescue me
    BBM / Where in the world
    Bebu Silvetti / Spring rain
    Beck / Where it’s at
    Bee Gees / Soldiers
    Bee Gees / Obsessions
    Bee Gees / Reachin’out
    Bee Gees / Satisfied
    Belinda Carlisle / Big scary animal
    Belle & the Devotions / Love games
    Belle & Sebastian / Funny little frog
    Belle stars / Indian summer
    Belle stars / 80’s romance
    Beloved, The / Time after time
    Beloved, The / Don’t you worry
    Belvedere Kane / Never felt as good
    Berlin / Dancing in Berlin
    Bernadette / Make it right
    Bette Bright / Hello I am your heart
    Bibi Martin / Look at me
    Bible, The / Crystal palace
    Big audio dynamite / E=mc 2
    Big country / Fields of fire
    Big pig / Breakaway
    Big supreme, The / Please yourself
    Bill Withers / I can’t write left handed
    Bill Pritchard / Invisible state
    Bill Pritchard / I’m in love forever
    Bill Wyman / A new fashion
    Billie Myers / Tell me
    Billy Idol / Flesh for fantasy
    Billy Joel / Big shot
    Billy Joel / Allentown
    Bim / Blind lead the blind
    Binary / The meaning
    Bis / Eurodisco
    Black / The sweetest smile
    Black angels / First Vietnamese war
    Black sabbath / Black sabbath
    Blancmange / Blind vision
    Blancmange / Don’t you love it all
    Blancmange / Don’t tell me
    Blancmange / 22339
    Blancmange / Other animals
    Blancmange / Game above my head
    Blancmange / John
    Blankets of secrecy / Say you wil
    Blondie / No imagination
    Blondie / Live it up
    Bloodhound gang / The bad touch
    Blow monkeys / Wildflower
    Blue murder / Talk talk talk
    Blue Nile, The / Tinseltown in the rain
    Blue zoo / I’m your man
    Blue zoo / Cry boy cry
    Bluetones / Slight return
    Bluetones / Bluetonic
    Blur / Tender
    Blur / Girls & boys
    Blur / London loves
    Bob Barbecue, Willy would be & Agaath / Bla bla bla
    Bobby Goldsboro / Summer the first time
    Bogart / On broadway
    Bolland & Bolland / The boat
    Bolland & Bolland / Innocent man
    Bolland & Bolland / Melodrama
    Bolland & Bolland / The wall came tumbling down
    Bollock brothers / Face in the mirror
    Bon jovi / Edge of a broken heart
    Boney M / Kalimba de luna
    Bonnie Tyler / Here she comes
    Bonnie Tyler / Getting so excited
    Bonnie Tyler / You’re the one
    Bonnie Tyler / Loving you is a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it
    Bonnie Tyler / Holding out for a hero
    Book of love / I touch roses
    Boomtown rats / When the night comes
    Boomtown rats / Tonight
    Boomtown rats / Dave
    Boomtown rats / Drag me down
    Boomtown rats / Someone’s looking at you
    Boothill foot tappers / On the canal
    Bow wow wow / Do you wanna hold me?
    Bow wow wow / The man mountain
    Boy krazy / Just like a dream come true
    Boy krazy / Good times with bad boys
    Boytronic / I want to live in harmony
    Brand image / Movin’ up
    Bread / If
    Breathe / Don’t tell me lies
    Brian Eno / Sparrowfall (1,2 & 3)
    Brian Eno / An ending (Ascent)
    Brian Eno / The great pretender
    Brigitte Bardot / Contact
    Bronski beat / Junk
    Bronx style Bob / Forbidden love
    Broon / Respect
    Brothers Johnson / Strawberry letter #23
    Bruce Foxton / My imagination (S.O.S.)
    Bruce Springsteen / Badlands
    Bruce Springsteen / She’s the one
    Bruce Springsteen / My hometown
    Bruce Springsteen / Cover me
    Bruce Springsteen / Bobby Jean
    Bryan Adams & Mel C / When you’re gone
    Buckeye / Where will your heart take you
    Bucks fizz / One of those nights
    Bucks fizz / Suzanne
    Bucks fizz / Keep each other warm
    Bucks fizz / Censored
    Bucks fizz / Invisible
    Bucks fizz / When the love has gone
    Bucks fizz / Now those days are gone
    Bucks fizz / Run for your life
    Buena vida, La / La pandilla
    Buggles / Vermillion sands
    Buggles / On TV
    Buggles / Elstree
    Buggles / Astroboy
    Bumble & the Beez / My life
    Bus boys / American worker
    Cactus rain / Till the morning comes
    Call, The / Everywhere I go
    Call, The / I still believe
    Camel / Rhayader
    Camille Saint-Saëns / Aquarium
    Canton / Stay with me
    Captain sensible / Glad it’s all over
    Captain sensible / I’m a spider
    Cardigans / Been it
    Cardigans / Step on me
    Cardigans / Losers
    Cardinal point / Mama papa
    Care / Temper temper
    Carl Marsh / Every bone in my body
    Carlsberg / All the president’s men
    Carole Bayer Sager / You’re moving out today
    Carmel / If you don’t come back
    Carolyne Mas / Stillsame
    Carpenters / Red tea
    Carpenters / Solitaire
    Carpet madness / Go back to the school
    Cars, The / I’m not the one
    Cars, The / Hello again
    Cars, The / This could be love
    Casino / Turn on
    Cat Stevens / Was dog a doughnut
    Casual affairs / Emotional man
    Cat’s eyes / The best person I know
    Catch, The / 25 years
    Catherine Lara / Nuit magique
    Cathy Claret / Loli-Lolita
    Cee Farrow / Wildlife romance
    Century / Lover why
    Certain ratio, A / Life’s a scream
    Cesarez / If you can count
    Cha cha Cohen / A=A
    Chagrin d’amour / Chacun fait
    Chalawa / Hop, skip & jump
    Champagne / Sjooh sjooh sugar
    Champagne / Light up your eyes
    Champagne / Captain
    Chaplin band / Il veliero
    Charles Augins / Baby I need your loving
    Charlotte Nilsson / Take me to your heaven
    Chas Jankel / Ai no corrida
    Chas Jankel / Glad to know you
    Cheap trick / Can’t stop fallin’ into love
    Cheryll Ladd / Just like old times
    Chess / Never change a winning team
    Cheyenne / Ev’ry time I see you
    Chic / Chic cheer
    Chicago / We can stop the hurtin’
    Chicago / Along comes a woman (12”)
    Chicago / Stay the night
    Chicago / Only you
    Chicago / Street player
    Chico and the chile sisters / No news is better than bad news
    China crisis / Sweet charity in adoration
    China crisis / Papua
    China crisis / The gates of door to door
    China crisis / Some people I know to lead fantastic lives
    China crisis / Christian
    Chinchilla Green / Queen
    Chips / You name it, I’ll do it
    Chris De Burgh / High on emotion
    Chris De Burgh / Man on the line
    Chris De Burgh / Ship to shore
    Chris Rea / Heaven
    Chris Spedding / Portobello
    Christian Brühn / Es sieht Schlimm aus – Katastrophe
    Christian Brühn / Die Karawane
    Christians / Forgotten town
    Chopper / It’s all over
    Chrome / Give me your heart
    Chungking / Baby
    Ciak / Lady lady
    Circus custers / Jaloers
    Circus custers / In de zomer
    Cirque de soleil / Alegria
    City to city / House with two faces
    Clannad / Together we
    Clannad / Seanchas
    Clash, The / Straight to hell
    Clash, The / Overpowered with funk
    Classics IV / Spooky
    Classix nouveaux / Never never comes
    Client / Rock and roll machine
    Clientele, The / Three month summers
    Cliff Richard / Language of love
    Climax blues band / Gotta have more love
    Climie / Fisher / I won’t bleed for you
    Climie / Fisher / Buried treasure
    Clio / Faces
    Clout / Under fire
    Clout / Save me
    Cock Robin / El norte
    Cock Robin / Worlds apart
    Cock Robin / Just when you’re having fun
    Cock Robin / A little innocence
    Cocteau twins / Evangeline
    Cocteau twins / Fifty fifty air
    Cocteau twins / Lorelei
    Cold hand band / Tropicana
    Coldplay / Politik
    Coldplay / Daylight
    Colour field / Thinking of you
    Comsat angels / Day one
    Con act / Beautiful
    Conquistador / Agua
    Copes / Hold on
    Corey Hart / Eurasian eyes
    Copy-right / Hypnotized
    Coral, The / In the morning
    Corinne Hermes / Si la vie est cadeau
    Cornee / L’amour liberee
    Corrs / When he’s not around
    Corrs / What can I do?
    Corrs / Would you be happier
    Corrs / Only in my dreams
    Corrs / Runaway
    Cosby, Stills, Nash & Young / Teach your children
    Cosmic sounds / Aries – The fire fighter
    Craaft / You’re the best thing in my life
    Cream / Sunshine of your love
    Crown heights affair / Dancin’
    Crowded house / I feel possessed
    Crowded house / World where you live
    Crowded house / Love you ‘til the day I die
    Crowded house / Pineapple head
    Cube, The / Concert boy
    Cult, The / Revolution
    Culture club / Changing every day
    Culture club / Mistake no. 3
    Culture club / Church of the poison mind
    Culture club / Medal song
    Cure, The / One hundred years
    Cure, The / The hanging garden
    Cure, The / Siamese twins
    Cure, The / The 13th
    Curiosity killed the cat / Free mile high
    Curved air / Back street luv’
    Cutting crew / Frigid as England
    Cutting crew / I’ve been in love before
    Cyndi Lauper / That’s what I think
    Cyndi Lauper / Change of heart
    Cyndi Lauper / All through the night
    Cyndi Lauper / I drove all night
    Dada / Flying ship
    Damn yankees / Where you goin’ now
    Damned, The / In dulce decorum
    Damned, The / Trojans
    Dan H / House of stone
    John Reids & Frans Peters / Stormy cruise
    John Reids & Frans Peters / Bossanova girl
    John Reids & Frans Peters / Fear syndrome 2
    Dandy Warholls / Not if you were the last junkie on earth
    Danielle Brisebois / Gimme little sign
    Danny Elfman / Gratitude
    Danny Elfman / Sucker for mystery
    Danny Elfman / The last time
    Danny Elfman / Go away
    Daryl Ann / We love danger
    Data / Fall out
    Date! / Let me feel your love
    Dave Dobyn / Slice of heaven
    Dave Stewart and Barbara Gaskin / My scene
    David Gates / Took the last train
    David Bowie / Like a shining star
    David Bowie / Sense of doubt
    David Bowie / 1984
    David Bowie / Diamond dogs
    David Bowie / It’s no game (part 2)
    David Roach / Emotional jungle
    David Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto / Forbidden colours
    David Sylvian / Red guitar
    Dead can dance / Anywhere in the world
    Dead can dance / The fatal impact
    Dead can dance / Enigma of the absolute
    Dead or alive / Son of a gun
    Dead or alive / I wanna be a toy
    Dead or alive / I’ll save you all my kisses
    Dead or alive / Big Dady of rhythm
    Dead or alive / D.J. hit that button
    Dead or alive / Sit on it
    DeBlanc / Temptation
    Decemberits / Sixty military wives
    Deluge / Broom with me
    Demis Roussos / Time
    Den Harrow / A taste of love
    Den Harrow / Don’t break my heart
    Den Harrow / Catch the fox
    Denny & Bronx / Fight for the light
    Derek & the Dominos / Layla (piano exit)
    Deodato / Prelude to the afternoon of a faune
    Depeche mode / If you want
    Depeche mode / Damaged people
    Depeche mode / Boys say go!
    Depeche mode / Tora! Tora! Tora!
    Depeche mode / Behind the wheel
    Depeche mode / It doesnt matter
    Dexy’s midnight runners / There there my dear
    Dexy’s midnight runners / Tell me when my lights turn green
    Diesel / Samantha
    Diesel / Sausolito summernight
    Diesel park west / Fall to love
    Diethelm/Famulari / The Flyer
    Din-A-Testbild / Come together
    Dino / 24/7
    Dislocation dance / Midnight shift
    Divine / I’m so beautiful
    Divinyls / I touch myself
    Dizzy man’s band / Matter of facts
    Dizzy man’s band / Jumbo
    Doce / Starlight
    Doctor’s cat / Watch out
    Doctor’s cat / Gee wiz
    Dodgy / In a room
    Dof / Love me
    Dof / Codo
    Dogs die in hot cars / I love you ‘cause I have to
    Dollar / Hand held in black and white
    Doll by doll / Caritas
    Doll by doll / Be my friend
    Doll by doll / Up
    Doll by doll / A bright green field
    Dollie de luxe / On top again
    Dolly dots / Bobby’s supermarket
    Dolly dots / All the roses
    Dolly dots / Don’t give up
    Dolly dots / (They are) rollerskating
    Don Henley / All she wants to do is dance
    Don Henley / Sunset grill
    Don Dixon / Praying mantis
    Dooleys / Body language
    Dooleys / And I wish
    Dorian Gray / Good morning America
    Doris D and the Pins / Starting at the end
    Doris D and the Pins / Heartache
    Doris D & the Pins / It’s only make believe
    Doris D & the Pins / And again
    Dosis D & the Pins / Dance on
    Double / I know a place
    Double / Rangoon moon
    Douwe Bob / Sweet sunshine
    Dormannu / Degenerate
    Doug Ashdown / Winter in America
    Dr. Calculus / Programm 7
    Dr. Hook / Better luck next time
    Dream academy / The edge of forever
    Dream academy / Life in a Northern town
    Dream academy / The love parade
    Dresden dolls / Girl anachronism
    Drion / Lady valentine
    Dudley Simpson Orchestra / Federation march
    Dschinghis Khan / The other side of fame
    Dubstar / No more talk
    Dubstar / Disgraceful
    Dubstar / Can’t tell me
    Dubstar / Anywhere
    Duncan Faure / 24 hours
    Duran Duran / Friends of mine
    Duran Duran / Hold back the rain (12″ )
    Duran Duran / Tiger, tiger
    Duran Duran / Careless memories
    Duran Duran / My own way (album v.)
    Duran Duran / Love voodoo
    Durante / Don’t go breaking my heart
    Dutch, The / This old land
    Dutch, The / All my life
    Dutch, The / Another sunny day
    Eagle eye & Neneh Cherry / Long way around
    Eagle seagull / Photograph
    Eagles / Those shoes
    Earth & fire / Smile
    Earth & fire / Singer in the rain
    Earth & fire / A life time before
    Earth & fire / Lost forever
    Earth & fire / To the world of the future
    EBN OZN / AEIOU sometimes Y
    EBN OZN / Stop, stop give it up
    Echo and the Bunnymen / Silver
    Echo and the Bunnymen / Seven seas
    Eddy Grant / Romancing the stone
    Eels / Flyswater
    Eels / Last stop : This town
    Eight point five / Mary
    Eimear Quinn / The voice
    Ekseption / Dharma for one
    Ekseption / Ritual fire dance
    Eleanor Mc.Evoy / For you
    Eleanor Mc.Evoy / Only a woman’s heart
    Elbow Bones & the Racketeers / A night in New York
    Electronic / Get the message
    Elegant machinery / Save me
    Eli & Jacno Main dans la main
    Elisabeth / I’m a woman
    Ellen Foley / Thunder and rain
    Ellen Foley / Sad song
    Ellen Foley / Young lust
    Ellis, Beggs and Howard / Where did tomorrow go?
    Ellis skiffle group / Beep beep cyberbaby
    E.L.O. / Here is the news
    E.L.O. / Last train to London
    E.L.O. / Standing in the rain
    E.L.O. / Horace Wimp
    Elsa / T’en va pas
    Elsa / Le supplice Chinois
    Elton John / Durban deep
    Elton John / Whispers
    Elton John / Wrap her up
    Emma Bunton / Free me
    Emma Bunton / Mischievous
    Emile den Tex / Face to face
    Empire / My imagination
    Enya / Boadicea
    Eric Clapton / She’s waiting
    Erasure / Stay with me
    Erasure / Always
    Erasure / Rain
    Erasure / Oh l’amour
    Eric Stewart / Girls
    Esther Tuely / Eye of heaven
    Esther Tuely / Incredibly red
    Etienne Daho / Comme un igloo
    Etienne Daho / Saudade
    Expression, The / With closed eyes
    Extreme / Tragic comic
    Extreme / Song for love
    Eurythmics / Belinda
    Eurythmics / Jennifer
    Eurythmics / For the love of big brother
    Eurythmics / Greetings from a dead man
    Everlast / Ends
    Everly brothers / The story of me
    Eye to eye / Hunger pains
    Eye to eye / Am I normal?
    Eyes of fire / Mama don’t know
    Exa / Mirror
    Exile / How could this go wrong
    Explorers / Lorilei
    Explorers / You go up in smoke
    Faces / Cindy incidentally
    Fad gadget / Stand up
    Fad gadget / Speak to me
    Fad gadget / The ring
    Fad gadget / Ad nauseam
    Fad gadget / Saturday night special
    Fad gadget / Pedestrian
    Fad gadget / Newsreel
    Falco / Maschine brennt
    Falco / Siebzehn Jahr
    Falco / Auf der Flucht
    Falco / Junge Römer
    Fancy / Bolero
    Fania all stars / Ela fue (She was the one)
    Fantastic plastic machine / You
    Farmer boys / Soft drink
    Farmer boys / A promise you can’t keep
    Farmer boys / Wailing wall
    Farmer boys / For you
    Fashion / Eye talk
    Fashion / Too much too soon
    Fashion / Move on
    Fay Lovsky / Don’t feed the animals
    Fehlfarben / Ein Jahr
    Fiat lux / Photography
    Fiat lux / Secrets
    Fiction factory / Ghost of love
    Fiction factory / Hit the mark
    Fiction factory / This is
    Fifth dimension / Up, up and away
    Fiona Apple / On the bound
    Fiordaliso / I love you man
    Fishbone / Ma and pa
    Fixx, The / Sinking island
    Fixx, The / Crystal ice dub
    Fixx, The / Stand or fall
    Fixx, The / Red skies
    Flash and the pan / Lady killer
    Flash & the pan / Early morning wake up call
    Flash & the pan / Media man
    Flash & the pan / The man who knew the answer
    Flash & the pan / Down among the dead men
    Fleetwood mac / Family man
    Fleetwood mac / Caroline
    Fleetwood mac / Mystified
    Fleetwood mac / You and I part II
    Fleetwood mac / Empire state
    Flock of seagulls / It’s not me talking
    Flock of seagulls / Nightmares
    Foreigner / Urgent
    Foreigner / Blue morning
    4 non blondes / Spaceman
    Fox / Imagine me, imagine you
    Fox / If I point at the moon
    F.R. David / Sun
    Fra lippo lippi / Shouldn’t have to be like that
    Fra lippo lippi / Light and shade
    Fra lippo lippi / Everytime I see you
    France Gall / Babacar
    Francis Lai / Theme from Bilitis
    Frank Black / Hold on to your ego
    Frank Duval & Kalina Maloyer / It was love
    Frank Zappa / Dancin’ fool
    Frank Popp ensemble / The world is waiting
    Frankie Miller / When I’m away from you
    Frankie Miller / Darlin’
    Frankie goes to Holly n m nwood / Maximum joy
    Frankie goes to Hollywood / Watching the wildlife
    Freddie Mac.Gregor / Just don’t want to be lonely
    Freiheit / On the run to be free
    Freiheit / When I dance with you
    Freiheit / Romancing in the dark
    Freiheit / Hide away
    Freiheit / Poor little boy
    Freiheit / Tears are a girl’s best friend
    Freiheit / The land of fantasy
    French kiss / Dancing in the shadows
    French love / Deep blue feeling
    Freur / Steam machine
    Freur / A.O.K.O.
    Frizzle sizzle / Look at the stars
    Fun fun / Lonely feeling
    Fun boy three / The lunatics
    Fun loving criminals / Scooby snacks
    Future world orchestra / Roulette
    Galaxy Lin / Bizarre
    Galaxy Lin / I know my baby
    Galaxy Lin / Don’t
    Galaxy Lin / Rain and snow
    Gallagher & Lyle / Breakaway
    Gallagher & Lyle / Heart on my sleeve
    Gangway / My girl and me
    Gangway / Mountain song
    Gangway / Violence, Easter & Christmas
    Garland Jeffreys Fidelity
    Garland Jeffreys / Dance up
    Gary Brooker / No more fear of flying
    Gary Glitter / I love you love me love
    Gary Moore / Crying in the shadows
    Gary Numan / I can’t stop
    Gary Numan / This wreckage (live 1980)
    Gary Numan / The joy circuit (live 1980)
    Gary Numan / Airlane
    Gary Numan / Films
    Gary Numan / Remind me to smile (live 1980)
    Gary Numan / We are glass (live 1980)
    Gary Numan / Every day I die (live 1980)
    Gary Fane / Aquarius
    Gary low / I wanna be with you
    Gavin Friday / I want to live
    Gazebo / Sun goes down on milky way
    Gazebo / Love in your eyes
    Gemma van Eck / For the first time
    Gemma van Eck / Why don’t you do what’s right
    Gemini / Just like that
    General public / Dish washer
    Genesis / The Brazilian
    Gentle waves / Let the good times begin
    Gentle waves / Partner in crime
    Gentle waves / Falling from grace
    Gentle waves / Loretta Young
    Georgie Porgie / Life goes on
    Gerald Masters / Falling
    Geri Halliwell / Bag it up
    Gerry Rafferty / Sleep walking
    Gerry Rafferty / Right down the line
    Gerry Rafferty / Get it right next time
    Gerry Rafferty / Love and affection
    Getaway people / She gave me love
    Gheorghe Zamphir / Einsamer Hirte
    Ghery M. & Ocean D / Love’s emotions
    Giant / I’ll see you in my dreams
    Ginger / Blind date
    Gino Vannelli / Here she comes
    Gino Vannelli / Imagination
    Girl thing / Girls on top
    Girlie / Andy
    Girls aloud / On a round
    Girls aloud / Long hot summer
    Girls aloud / No good advice
    G.J. Lunghi / Acapulco nights
    Glas / Kamouflage
    Glenn Burtnick / Local hero
    Glenn Burtnick / Face in the mirror
    Glenn Burtnick / Heart on the line
    Gloria Gaynor / Let’s make a deal
    Go west / Don’t look down
    Go west / Call me
    Godley and Creme / An Englishman in New York
    Godley and Creme / Samson
    Godley and Creme / Snack attack
    Godley and Creme / Under your thumb
    Go-Go’s / Head over heals
    Go-Go’s / Our lips are sealed
    Go-Go’s / Has the whole world lost it’s head
    Gol Gappas / Roman
    Golden earring / Clear nite moonlight
    Golden earring / Fist in glove
    Golden earring / N.E.W.S.
    Golden earring / I’ll make it all up to you
    Goldfrapp / Head first
    Goldfrapp / Time out from the world
    Goldfrapp / Train
    Goldfrapp / Alive
    Goldfrapp / Voicething
    Goldfrapp / Fly me away
    Goldfrapp / Lovely head
    Goldfrapp / Strict machine
    Goldie / Making up again
    Gong / Crosscurrents
    Gong / Downwind
    Gorillaz / Stylo
    Gowan / A criminal mind
    G’Race / Blue tambourine
    Grand national / Cherry tree
    Greg Kihn band / Jeopardy
    Gruppo sportivo / Sleeping bag
    Gruppo sportivo / Rhythmisaconstantbeat
    Guillemots / Get over it
    Guys ‘n dolls / Broken dreams
    Guys ‘n dolls / I feel like crying
    Guys ’n dolls / Love lost in a day
    Guys ’n dolls / I got the fire in me
    H2O / Leonard
    Haindling / Lang scho nimma g’sehn
    Haircut 100 / Love plus one
    Haircut 100 / Nobody’s fool
    Hall & Oates / Italian girls
    Hall & Oates / Mano a mano
    Hall & Oates / All American girl
    Hall & Oates / Guessing games
    Hall & Oates / Go solo
    Hansje / Silex pistols
    Hanson / Lucy
    Happy the man / Wind up day doll wind
    Happy rhodes / Baby don’t go
    Hardline / Can’t find my way
    Harri Stokja express / Somebody like you
    Harry Chalkitis / The same old situation
    Havanna 3 AM / Hey, amigo
    Hawks, The / Nobody loses tonight
    Haysi fantayzee / Shiny, shiny
    Hazell Dean / Love pains
    Hazell Dean / They say it’s gonna rain
    He said / Watch take care
    He said / ABC Dicks love
    Headline / Don’t knock the bald head
    Heart / What about love
    Heart / Ring them bells
    Heather Nova / Verona
    Heaven 17 / Crushed by the wheels of industry (12″)
    Heaven 17 / We live so fast
    Heaven 17 / I’m your money
    Heaven 17 / Let’s all make a bomb
    Heaven 17 / Let me go
    Heaven 17 / Sunset now
    Heaven 17 / We’re gonna live for a very long time
    Helen Reddy / Imagination
    Hello / New York groove
    Henry Badowski / Silver trees
    Herman Brood / Tattoo song
    High Llamas / Winter’s day
    Hipsway / The broken years
    Hipsway / Ask the lord
    Hipsway / The honey thief (12”)
    Hobnail boots / Sunray in your eyes
    Honeypie / I believe in love
    Hoodoo gurus / What’s my scene?
    Hooters / All you zombies
    Hooverphonic / Waves
    Hooverphonic / L’odeur animale
    Hooverphonic / You love me to death
    Hooverphonic / We all float
    Horizontal Brian / Practicing first aid
    Hot chocolate / Heaven’s on the backseat of my Cadillac
    Hot chocolate / Confetti day
    Hot chocolate / Put your love in me
    House of love / Shine on
    Housemartins / There is always something there to remind me
    Housemartins / Think for a minute
    Housemartins / Happy hour
    Housematins / Build
    Howard Jones / Things can only get better (12″ )
    Howard Jones / Pearl in the shell
    Howard Jones / Dream into action
    Hue and cry / Strength to strength
    Hue and cry / Labour of love
    Hue and cry / I refuse
    Hue and cry / History city
    Hue and cry / Something warmer
    Hue and cry / Alligator man
    Huey Lewis and the news / I want a new drug
    Huey Lewis and the news / Heart and soul
    Huey Lewis and the news / Small world (part 1)
    Huey Lewis and the news / Walking on a thin line
    Huey Lewis and the news / Perfect world
    Hugh Cornwell / The story of he and she
    Hugh Masekala / Don’t go lose it baby
    Human league / Soundtrack to a generation
    Human league / Seconds
    Human league / All I ever wanted
    Human league / Gordons gin
    Human league / Are you ever coming back?
    Human league / Let’s get together again
    Human league / Empire state human
    Humpe & Humpe / Can’t leave the pool
    Humpe & Humpe / 3 of us
    Humpe & Humpe / Memories
    Husky / Tidal wave
    Husky rescue / Diamonds in the sky
    Ian Dury / Spasticus autisticus (12″ )
    Ian Dury & Blockheads / Superman’s big sister
    Icehouse / Sons
    Icehouse / Glam
    Icicle works / Cauldron of love
    Icicle works / Out of season
    Iko / Wipe the tears from your eyes
    Imagination / Looking at midnight
    Imagination / Tell me do you want my love
    Indecent obsession / Whispers in the dark
    Indecent obsession / Kiss me
    Information society / Think
    Init / Another man
    International teachers of pop / Time for the seasons
    INXS / Jumping
    INXS / Big go go
    INXS / The one thing
    Irene Cara / Why me?
    Isabella Antena / Revolution intemporelle
    ISH / 7 days
    It bites / I get you eating out of my hand
    It bites / Screaming on the beaches
    It bites / Wanna shout
    It bites / Turn me loose
    Italian boys / Forever lovers
    Italian boys / Midnight girl
    It’s immaterial / Ed’s funky diner
    It’s immaterial / Happy talk
    It’s immaterial / The sweet life
    I’ve got the bullets / I’m only wounded
    Izabella / I write you a love song
    Izabella / Everything to you
    J.J. Cale / Cajun moon
    J. Geils band / Come back (album v.)
    J. Geils band / Love stinks
    J. Geils band / Rage in the cage
    J. Geils band / Flamethrower
    J. Geils band / Wild man
    Jaivas, Los / Bebida magica
    Jale / All ready
    Jam, The / Precious
    Jam, The / Going underground
    James / Born of frustration
    Jan Hammer / Miami vice theme (12”)
    Janis Ian / The other side of the sun
    Janis Ian / This night
    Jamiroquai / Use the force
    Jan Akkerman / Oil in the family
    Jan Rot / Johnny’s echo
    Jane Birkin / Raccrochez c’est une horreur
    Japan / Adolescent sex
    Jarvis Cocker / Don’t let him waste your time
    Jay peel / Gimme some
    Jean Jacques Burnell / Le whiskey
    Jean Michel Jarre / Magnetic fields 1
    Jean Michel Jarre / Second rendez-vous
    Jean Michel Jarre / Equinoxe part 2
    Jean Michel Jarre / Equinoxe part 4
    Jeanette / Porque te vas
    Jefferson starship / No way out
    Jerry Burns / Pale red
    Jigsaw / Sky high
    Jigsaw / Only when I’m lonely
    Jill Sobule / Living color
    Jim Steinman / Tonight is what it means to be young
    Jimmy Nail / Airwaves
    Jimmy Ray / Are you Jimmy Ray?
    Jimmy the Hoover / Tantalise
    Jo Lemaire / La nuit te ressemble
    Joan Osborne / St. Theresa
    Joboxers / Just got lucky
    Joboxers / She’s got sex
    Joe Dassin / L’éte Indien
    Joe Jackson / Only the future
    Joe Jackson / Another world
    Joe Jackson / Chinatown
    Joe Jackson / Only the future
    Johan / Day is done
    Johan Lindell / On the roof
    John Foxx / Underpass
    John Foxx / No one driving
    John Foxx / He’s a liquid
    John Harrison / The Creepshow welcomes you – Until the next time
    John Howard / It’s you I want
    John Lennon / #9 dream
    John Lennon / Mind games
    John Miles / Highfly
    John Miles / Slow down
    John Stewart / Gold
    John Williams / Cavatina
    Johnny Nash / Rock me baby
    Jon St.James / Oogity boogity
    Jona Lewie / Hallelujah Europa
    Jona Lewie / Louise
    Jonathan Richman and the modern lovers / The sweeping wing (Kwati teng)
    Jonathan Richman and the modern lovers / South American folk song
    Jonny Chingas / Phone home
    Josefin Nilsson / Heaven and hell (album v.)
    Joss Stone / Super duper love
    Jovanotti / L’ombelico del mondo
    Joy / Hello
    Jude / Mirror mirror
    Judie Tzuke / You
    Judith / Realize paradise
    Julee Cruise / Movin’in on you
    Julian Cope / World shut your mouth
    Juniors / Hold on
    K. barre / Right by the moon
    Kadanz / Zo jong
    Kai Olsson / Every inch a lady
    Kajagoogoo / Turn your back on me
    Kajagoogoo / Big apple
    Kajagoogoo / Lion’s mouth
    Kajagoogoo / Do I
    Kajagoogoo / Ooh to be ah
    Kajagoogoo / You really take my breathe away
    Kajagoogoo / White feathers
    Kano / Another life
    Karel Fialka / The eyes have it
    Kate Bush / Night of the swallow
    Kate Bush / All the love
    Kate Bush / All we ever look for
    Kate Bush / Moments of pleasure
    Kate Bush / Eat the music
    Kate Grom / Already know
    Kathy Joe Daylor & Christopher Lee / Little wich
    Katrina and the waves / Tears for me
    Katrina and the waves / Spiderman
    Katrina and the waves / Is that it?
    Katrina and the waves / Walking on sunshine
    Katrina and the waves / Mexico
    Katrina and the waves / Que te quiero
    Katz / Loving you is all I know
    Kayak / Anne
    Kayak / Lost blue of chartres
    Kelly Groucutt / Am I a dreamer?
    Kentaro Haneda / Takarajima (instrumental)
    Kid Creole & the Coconuts / There but for the grace of God go I
    Kid Creole & the Coconuts / No fish today
    Kiki & Pearly / Patrick mon cherie
    Killing joke / Night time
    Killing joke / Darkness before dawn
    Killing joke / War dance
    Killing joke / Sanity
    Kim Carnes / The universal song
    Kim Wilde / The touch
    Kim Wilde / She hasn’t got time for you
    Kim Wilde / The European soul
    King / Love and pride (USA summer mix)
    King / I kissed the spikey fridge
    King kurt / Banana banana
    Kinks / Property
    Kinks / Don’t forget to dance
    Kinks / Come dancing
    Kinobe / Let;s slip into something more comfortable
    Kirsty Mac.Coll / A New England (12″ )
    Kirsty Mac.Coll / My affair (album v.)
    Kiss / Naked city
    Kiss / Easy as it seems
    Kiss / What makes the world go round
    Kiss / Dirty livin’
    Kiss / Is that you?
    Kissing the pink / Mr. Blunt
    Kissing the pink / The last film
    Kissing the pink / Watching their eyes
    Kissing the pink / Love lasts forever
    Kissing the pink / Big man restless
    Klaus Doldinger / Das Boot
    Knack, The / Baby talks dirty
    Knock out show-tune
    Korgis, The / Don’t look back
    Korgis, The / Make a fuss about us
    Korgis, The / If I had you
    Korgis, The / That was my big mistake
    K-Otic / I surrender
    Kraftwerk / Neon lights
    Kraftwerk / Spacelab
    Kraftwerk / The man machine
    Krezip / Plug it in and turn me on
    K’s choice / Everything for free
    K.T. Tunstall / Suddenly I see
    Kylie Minogue / Your disco needs you
    Kylie Minogue / Loveboat
    Laban / Caught by surprise
    Lake / Do I love you
    Lana Pellay / Pistol in my pocket
    Landing party / Find a way out
    Language / We’re celebrating
    Lankashire Fayre / Reflections
    Laserdance / Powerrun (instrumental)
    Latin summer / Waste my time
    Laura Branigan / Heart
    Laura Branigan / Close enough
    Laura Branigan / Foolish lullaby
    Laurie Freelove / Arms of a dream
    Led Zeppelin / D’yer mak’er
    Leen ’t Hart / Intermezzo no.5
    Leisure proces / A way you’ll never be
    Leisure proces / Cashflow
    Lemming / Crazy spider
    Lene Lovich / Bird song
    Lenny Kravitz / Black velveteen
    Leo Sayer / Time ran out on you
    Leonard Cohen / First we take Manhattan
    Level 42 / Almost there
    Level 42 / The chant has begun
    Level 42 / Starchild
    Level 42 / Theme to Margaret
    Level 42 / Mr. Pink
    Libresse-reclame “Aint seen that girl before”
    Lift, The / United state
    Lindsey Buckingham / I want you
    Lily Allen / The fear
    Lightning seeds / The life of Riley
    Lightning seeds / Sense
    Lightning seeds / A small slice of heaven
    Lightning seeds / Love explosion
    Lightning seeds / Sweet dreams
    Lightning seeds / The pride
    Lightning seeds / Tingle tangle
    Limahl / Only for love
    Lime / Babe we’re gonna love tonight
    Limit, The / Photomania
    Linda Jo Rizzo / Just one word
    Lindstrom feat. Christabelle / Lovesick
    Linx / Intuition
    Little angels / Womankind
    Little Steven / Vote!
    Little Steven & Disciples of soul / Forever
    Little Steven / Bitter fruit
    Live / Brothers unaware
    Lloyd Coe & the Commotions / Pretty gone
    Logic system / Person to person
    Lois Lane / When I’m with you
    Long honeymoon / The Amazoon
    Loreena Mc.Kennitt / All souls night
    Loreena Mc.Kennitt / Blacksmith
    Lori Spee / Sugar
    Lotus eaters / It hurts
    Lotus eaters / You don’t need someone new
    Lou and the Hollywood bananas / Kingston, Kingston
    Louis Parker / Is that you?
    Louise / Arms around the world
    Lovelets / Slow love
    Lover speaks, The / Never to forget you
    Loz Netto’s bzar / Fade away
    Luba / Let it go
    Lucie Silvas / Breathe in
    Lucilectric / Liebe macht dumm
    Lunar Funk / Mr. Penguin
    Luscious Jackson / Naked eye
    Luxster / Nu York RU ready
    Lynsey de Paul / Won’t somebody dance with me?
    M / Join the party
    M / Official secets
    M over M / Walk away
    Maarten Peters / Who’s dreaming
    Machines, The / I miss you
    Macho / Roll
    Macy Gray / Love’s gonna get you
    Madness / Grey day
    Madonna / Oh father
    Madonna / I know it
    Madonna / Spanish eyes
    Madonna / Beautiful stranger
    Magazine / Parade
    Maggie Reilly / Everytime we touch
    Magic power / Walking down the street
    Magnus Uggla / Yeh, why not
    Mainframe / 5 minutes
    Maisonettes / This affair
    Maisonettes / Heartache avenue
    Maisonettes / Two can have a party
    Man ray / Todo cambia
    Mandy Winter / Children of the future
    Manfred Mann’s earth band / Spirits in the night
    Manfred Mann’s earth band / Don’t kill it Carol
    Manfred Mann’s earth band / On the run
    Manhattan transfer / The speak up mambo
    Manic street preachers / I’m not working
    Manic street preachers / Be natural
    Manic street preachers / The girl who wanted to be God
    Marc & the Mamba’s / Black heart
    Marc Almond / Waifs and strays
    Marc Almond / Tears run rings
    Marc Owen / Magic love
    Marcella Detroit / I’m no angel
    Marginal era / Sea, hear, touch
    Margriet Eshuijs band / Keys to the kingdom
    Maria Conchita Alonso / Vamos a bailar esta noche
    Maria Mc.Kee / Sweetest child
    Mari Wilson / The rhythm
    Marillion / Dry land
    Martha & the Muffins / Walking into walls
    Martin Agterberg / Behind the mountains
    Massada / Surat kaleng
    Massada / Latin dance
    Mathilde Santing / You took advantage of me
    Mathilde Santing / Too much
    Mathide Santing / Behind a painted smile
    Matia bazar / Souvenir
    Matia bazar / Noi
    Matia bazar / Sulla scia
    Matia bazar Carmen
    Matia bazar / Mosca helzapoppin
    Matia bazar / Eletrtochoc
    Matioszek / Business in the city
    Matisse / La dolce vita
    Matt Bianco / Big Rosie
    Matt Bianco / It’s getting late
    Matt Fretton / It’s so high
    Matthew Wilder / I don’t speak the language
    Matthew Wilder / The kid’s American
    Matthias Reim / Was ist nur los?
    Max Q / The way of the world
    Max Webster / Let go the line
    Maywood / You and I
    Meat loaf / More than you deserve
    Meat loaf / I’m gonna love her for both of us
    Meat loaf / Read ‘em and weep
    Meat loaf / For crying out loud
    Meat loaf / If you really want to
    Mecano / El 7 de septiembre
    Mecano / Tu
    Media / Under your wings
    Medicine head / One and one is one
    Mellencamp, John / R.O.C.K. in the USA
    Members / Working girl
    Members / Chairman of the board
    Members / Boys like us
    Members / Going west
    Members / Radio
    Memo / Piano bar
    Men at work / It’s a mistake
    Men at work / Down by the sea
    Men at work / Helpless automaton
    Men at work / Blue for you
    Men without hats / The great ones remember
    Men without hats / Pop goes the world
    Men without hats / I got the message
    Men without hats / Where do the boys go?
    Mention / Strange world
    Mercury Rev / Endlessly
    Merrie Amsterburg / Little steps
    Meteors / Together too long
    Mezzoforte / Rockall
    Mi-sex / Falling in and out
    Mi-sex / Shanghaied
    Mi-sex / Space race
    Michael Franks / Coming to life
    Michael Jackson / Speed demon
    Michael Jackson / Street walker
    Michael learns to rock / The actor (7″ )
    Michael learns to rock / Strange foreign beauty
    Michael learns to rock / Romantic balcony
    Midge Ure / Breathe
    Midge Ure / Cold, cold heart
    Midnight juggernauts / Into the galaxy
    Mikael Rickfors / Dancing on the edge of danger
    Mike & the mechanics / A call to arms
    Mike Oldfield / Tubular bells (1973)
    Mike Oldfield / Evacuation
    Milk / Wings
    Milk / Fire and rain
    Milk / Illusions
    Mink Devile / Each word is a beat from my heart
    Mink Deville / Savoir faire
    Mink Deville – That world outside
    Mink Deville – Just to walk that little girl home
    Mission / Tower of strength
    Mission / Like a child again
    Mistral / Nectar
    Mistral / Jamie
    Mixtures, The / The pushbike song
    Mo, The / Cheese
    Mo, The / Stop staring
    Moby / Hymn
    Moby / Lift me up
    Models, The / Barbados
    Modern rocketry Steppin’ stone
    Modern talking / Just we two
    Modest Mussorgsky / The gnome
    Molly Bryant & John Spiker / Something out there
    Moloko / Indigo
    Moloko / Pure pleasure seeker
    Mono / Slimcea girl
    Monsoon / Third eye and tikka T.V.
    Monsoon / Watchers of the night
    Montellas / Protection (12″)
    Montellas / Flag talk
    Mood, The / Passion in dark rooms
    Mood, The / Don’t stop
    Moody blues / Talkin’ talkin’
    Moody blues / Miracle
    Moody blues / Your wildest dream
    Moody blues / Say what you mean
    Moonflower / Say that you love me
    Morrissey / Dagenham Dave
    Motors, The / Emergency
    Motors, The / Metropolis
    Mr Walkie Talkie / Be my boogie woogie baby
    Mud / Shake it down
    Mummy calls / Beauty has her way
    My mine / Zorro
    Mylene Farmer / La ronde triste
    Mylene Farmer / Pourvu qu’elles soient douces
    Mylene Farmer / Ainsi soit je…
    Mylene Farmer / Sans logique
    Mysterious art / The omen
    Mystery romance / I deed so far away
    Nada surf / High speed soul
    Nadieh / Katoozazai
    Nadieh / Son and heir
    Nails, The / Let it all hang out
    Naked eyes / When the lights go out
    Naked eyes / What in the name of love
    Nan Vernon / Tattoo tears
    Nancy Boyd / Satellites
    Nasty boys / Nasty relation
    Natasha King / On ice
    Nek / Laura non c’e
    Nena / Irendwie, irgendwo, irgerndwann (12″)
    Nena / Zaubertrick
    Nena / Das Land der Elefanten
    Nena / Indianer
    Nena / Ich kann nicht mehr
    Nena / Conversation
    Nena / Engel der Nacht
    New baccara / Call me up
    New Dutch organ group / Holland disco
    New kids on the block / Didn’t I blow your mind
    New musik / Sanctuary
    New order / Subculture (12″)
    Nick Cave / Song of joy
    Nick Cave & P.J. Harvey / Henry Lee
    Nick Nicely / DCT dreams
    Nick Heyward / Take that situation
    Nick Heyward / Whistle down the wind
    Night ranger / Sister Christian
    Nik Kershaw / Dancin’ girls
    Nik Kershaw / Radio musicola
    Nik Kershaw / James Cagney
    Nik Kershaw / Don Quixotte
    Nikka Costa / Like a feather
    Nikki Roman / More than a name
    Nilsson / Elestic baby
    Nips / Sea of the sun
    Nits / Man Friday
    Nits / Hands of the watch
    Nits / Springtime coming soon
    Nits / Indoor painting
    Noa / U.N.I.
    Noa / All is well
    No doubt / Tragic kingdom
    No doubt / A simple kind of life
    No doubt / Underneath it all
    No doubt / Hey you! (live)
    Nolans / I gotta pull myself together
    Norah Jones / Don’t know why
    Nova / Sol
    Nudes, The / Mystery
    Ocean blue, The / Just let me know
    Offspring, The / Why don’t you get a job
    Olivia Newton John / Reach out for me
    Olivia Newton John / Make a move on me
    Olive / Outlaw
    Oliver Onions / Six ways
    OMD / Souvenir
    OMD / Everyday
    OMD / Call my name
    One 2 one / I’ll walk away
    One more time / Calming rain
    One more time / Highland
    One way / Let’s talk
    Opus / Can you hear me?
    Orange juice / Rip it up
    Orkestra / Fly away
    Orlando riva sound / Indian reservation
    Orleans / Dance with me
    Osmonds, The / Crazy horses
    Outfield, The / Voices of Babylon
    Outland / Can you remember?
    Ozark mountain daredevils / Jackie blue
    Ozomatli / Nadas por free
    Pachuco / Malaguena (Thema Konsumentenbus)
    Pale fountains / Unless
    Pale fountains / Palm of your hand
    Pandemonium / 1941
    Part time / Elizabeth
    Partner / Running around
    Pat Metheny / Two folksongs (Tune Koot en Bie)
    Pat Benatar / Treat me right
    Pat Benatar / Shadows of the night
    Patrick D. Martin / I like ‘lectric motors
    Patrick Hernandez / Mystery nights
    Patti Smith / Dancing barefoot
    Paul Mc.Cartney / Dress me up as a robber
    Paul Mc.Cartney / What’s that you’re doing
    Paul Haig / Heaven sent
    Paul Haig / Big blue world
    Paul Haig / Don’t rush in
    Paul Young / No parlez
    Paul Young / Behind your smile
    Paul Young / Iron out the rough spots
    Paul Young / Standing on the edge
    Pavlow / Camels here, camels there
    Pearl jam / Even flow
    Pearl jam / Oceans
    Pekenikes, Los / Musical 2000
    Pekenikes, Los / Mezquita de Mohamed
    Pekenikes, Los / Tabasco
    Pekenikes, Los / Olé Ali
    Pekenikes, Los / El valor de 6 penikes
    Pekenikes, Los / Cachimba
    Pekenikes, Los / Polucion
    Perro del mar, El / Jubilee
    Pete Shelley / If you ask me
    Pete Shelley / Many a time
    Pete Shelley / I just wanna touch
    Pet shop boys / Footsteps
    Pet shop boys / You only tell me that you love me when you’re drunk
    Peter Baumann / Repeat repeat
    Peter Brown / Love in our hearts
    Peter Gabriel / Shock the monkey
    Peter Gabriel / Games without frontiers
    Peter Gabriel / Burn you up, burn you down
    Peter Gabriel / No self-control
    Peter Gabriel / I have the touch
    Peter Mc.Ian / Solitaire
    PHD / War years
    Pete Shelley / I just wanna touch
    Phil Carmen / On my way in L.A.
    Phil Collins / I don’t care anymore
    Phil Collins / Who said I would?
    Phil Collins / Thru’ these walls
    Phil Fearon & Galaxy / Everybody’s laughing
    Phil Oakey & Giorgio Moroder / Now
    Philip Rambow / A star in her own right
    Phoenix / Honeymoon
    Picnic at the whitehouse / Heaven
    Picnic at the whitehouse / We need protection
    Pierces, The / You’ll be mine
    Pierces, The / We are stars
    Pierces, The / Glorious
    Pierre Groscolas / Elise
    Pigbag / Papa’s got a brand new pigbag
    Pink Floyd / Welcome to the machine
    Pink Floyd / On the turning away
    Pink Floyd / Hey you!
    Pink Floyd / Run like hell
    Pinker tone / Louie Louie
    Pipettes / Call me
    Pipettes / I need a little time
    Pipettes / I always planned to stay
    Pipettes / Finding my way
    Pipettes / Captain rhythm
    Pisa / Je ne le me
    Planets, The / Lines
    Planets, The / Iron for the iron
    Police / Behind my camel
    Police / Invisible sun
    Police / Demolition man
    Police / Darkness
    Pop concerto orchestra / Love me touch me
    Popinjays / See-saw
    Popinjays / Monster mouth
    Popinjays / Moonheart
    Poppys / Which way you goin’Billy?
    Popshoppers / Reykjavik
    Pratt & Mc.Clain / Happy days
    Prefab sprout / The king of rock’n roll
    Prefab sprout / Cars & girls
    Prefab sprout / Hey Manhattan!
    Press, The / Cantara pepe
    Press, Te / I’m gonna shoot the DJ
    Pretenders / Tattooed love boys
    President, The / You’re gonna like it
    President, The / Turn me on
    Primadonna / Flashing on the floor
    Promised land / You haunt my heart
    Propaganda / Femme fatale
    Propaganda / Sorry for laughing
    Propaganda / Heaven give me words
    Propaganda / Jewel (12”)
    Prozzak / Sucks to be you
    Pseudo echo / A beat for you
    Pseudo echo / Destination unknown
    Pulp / Death goes to disco
    Punishment for luxury / Funghi
    Pussycat / Then the music stopped
    Pussyfoot / I like to do it
    Queen / Dancer
    Queen / Calling all girls
    Queen / Staying power
    Quincy Jones / Chump change
    Racey / Such a night
    Rachel Zeffira / Break the spell
    Rachel Stevens / Some girls
    Radio java / Fool
    Radiorama / Bad girls
    Radiorama / My chery
    Rah band / The crunch
    Rah band / Sorry doesn’t make it any more
    Ramones / Something to believe in
    Random hold / Etceteraville
    Ranko / Happy world
    Ray Barretto / Deeper shade of soul
    Razorlight / Who needs love
    Razorlight / Hold on
    Real life / Send me an angel
    Real milli vanilli / When I die
    Red box / Lean on me
    Rednex / Rolling home (Tretow’s treatment)
    Re-flex, The / Hitline
    Re-flex The/ Praying to the beat
    Re-flex, The / Couldn’t stand a day
    R.E.M. / The lifting
    R.E.M. / All the way to Reno
    R.E.M. / Summer turns to high
    R.E.M. / Beachball
    R.E.M. / Beat a drum
    Renaissance / Northern lights
    Renaissance / The winter tree
    Renaissance / Kalynda (a magic tale)
    Renee Geyer / Say I love you
    Renegade soundwave / Probably a robbery
    R.E.O. Speedwagon / Take it on the run
    Resonance / OK Chicago
    Revelettes / The only 1
    Rhythm sisters / Lonely heart
    Ric Ocasek / Emotion in motion
    Ricchi e Poveri / M’innamoro di te
    Richard Gotainer / Le manbo du decalco
    Richard Myhill / It takes two to tango
    Richard Romeo / Non chalance
    Richard T. Bear / Danger zone
    Rick van der Linden / Super dream GT-2000
    Rick van der Linden / Double flute X2
    Ricky King / Hale, hey Louise
    Righeira / Innamoratissimo
    Righeira / No tengo dinero
    Roachford / Naked without you
    Roachford / Give it up
    Roachford / Family man
    Roachford / No way
    Roachford / Kathleen
    Roachford / Nobody but you
    Road / Never leave me lonely
    Roaring boys / Strange girl
    Robert Palmer / Riptide
    Robin Wolter / I mend your broken heart
    Robby Valentine / Valentine’s Overture part 1
    Robert Plant / Heaven knows
    Robert Marlow / I just want to dance
    Roberto Jacketti & the Scooters / Toy town
    Roberto Jacketti & the Scooters / This must be love
    Robin Beck / Close to you
    Rock and Hyde / Dirty water
    Rockefeller / Speaking drums
    Rock steady crew / Uprock
    Roek’s family / Get yourself a ticket
    Rofo / You’ve got to move it on
    Rofo / I want you
    Roger Glover / So remote
    Roger Hodgson / Had a dream
    Roger Waters / 5:01 am (The pros and cons of hitch hiking)
    Rogue / Fallen angel
    Rollerforce / Subway
    Rolling stones / If I was a dancer
    Rolling stones / Dirty work back to zero
    Rolling stones / Too much blood
    Romanelli / Connecting flight
    Romie Singh / Dancing to forget
    Ronnie bond / Fly on the wall
    Rosanna Casale / Didin
    Rosetta stone / Hiding from love
    Rosie Vela / Fool’s paradise
    Rosie Vela / Magic smile
    Rough trade / I want to live
    Rough trade / All touch
    Roxette / Soul deep
    Roxy music / Angel eyes (7″)
    Roxy music / Out of the blue
    Roy White / Strange to be with you
    Rumour, The / Frozen years
    Rupert Hine / Misplaced love
    Russ Ballard / Here comes the hurt
    Ryan Paris / We have it beautiful
    Ryan Paris / Marianne
    Rhytmes digitales, Les / Sometimes
    S Club 7 / Reach
    S Club 7 / Love train
    Saada Bonaire / You could be more than you are
    Sad cafe / Every day hurts
    Saga, The / Humblestance
    Saga, The / One the loose
    Sailor / Down by the docks
    Sal Paradise / Living in a dreamboat
    Sally Oldfield / Mirrors
    Sam Brown / Whisper
    Sandra / Around my heart
    Sandra Robinson / Music motion
    Santa Esmeralda / Part of the deal
    Santana / Let it shine
    Santana / Try a little harder
    Sarah Brightman & Hot gossip / I lost my heart to a starship trooper
    Sardou / Musica
    Saskia & Serge / Mama he’s a soldier now
    Savage / Don’t cry tonight
    Scarlet / The fall
    Scarlet / Shine
    Scarlet / Independent lovesong
    Scent / Up and down
    Scissor sisters / Harder you get
    Scorpions / You and I
    Scorpions / Are you the one?
    Scorpions / Living for tomorrow
    Scotch / Pictures
    Scott Wilk & Walls / Suspicion
    Scritti politti / A little knowledge
    Scritti politti / The sweetest girl
    Scritti politti / Small talk
    Scritti politti / The word girl
    Scritti politti / Don’t work that hard
    Seals & crofts / Diamond girl
    Secret garden / Greenwaves
    Secret plans / You never know
    Secret sounds / Promises
    Selector, The / Missing words
    Semaja / Hey friend
    Sensus / Sensus
    Sergio Mendez and Brazil ’77 / Love me tomorrow
    Shadow talk / People watching people
    Sheena Easton / Machinery
    Sheena Easton / Strut
    Sherry Kean / I want you back
    Sheryl Crow / Home
    Sheryl Crow / Anything but down
    Sheryl Crow / Riverwide
    Sheryl Crow / It don’t hurt
    Sheryl Crow / Oh Marie
    Sheryl Crow / There goes the neighbourhood
    Shakespeare’s sister / Moonchild
    Shakespeare’s sister / Are we in love yet
    Shakespeare’s sister / Let me entertain you
    Shakin’ Stevens / Cry just a little bit
    Shampoo / Viva la megababes
    Sharpe & Niles / Famous people
    Shriekback / Lined up
    Shriekback / Nemesis
    Shriekback / Everything that rises must converge
    Shriekback / Fish below the ice
    Shriekback / Only thing that shines
    Shriekback / Working on the ground
    Shivaree / Goodnight moon
    Shins, The / Sealegs
    Sia / Sunday
    Sidi bou said / Twilight eyes
    Simple minds / I travel
    Simple minds / Premonition
    Simple minds / Calling your name
    Simple minds / Changeling
    Simple minds / Thirty frames in a second
    Simply red / For your babies
    Simply red / Let me have it all
    Simply red / Infidelity
    Simply red / Suffer
    Simply red / I won’t feel mad
    Simply red / Maybe someday …
    Sinceros, The / Worlds apart
    Sinead O’Connor / Fire on Babylon
    Sisters / There’s a raver coming home
    Sisters (NL) / Measurous love
    Skatt bros / Walk the night
    Skipper wise / Standing outside in the rain
    Slade / Far, far away
    Sly fox / Let’s go all the way
    Smashing pumpkins / 1979
    Smashmouth / Walkin’on the sun
    Smithereens / You is a guarantee for love
    Smiths / How soon is now?
    Smiths / Panic
    Snake corps / Everything turns blue
    Sniff ’n the tears / Ride blue divide
    Social security / Stamps
    Soft cell / Torch (12″ )
    Soft cell / Chips on my shoulders
    Soft cell / L’Esqualita
    Soft cell / Slave to this
    Solcyst / Silver satin
    Soulsister / Broken
    Sophie and Peter Johnston / Torn open
    Sophie and Peter Johnston / Dreams
    Sophie B. Hawkins / As I lay me down
    Sophie B. Hawkins / Let me love you up
    Space / Space opera part 1
    Space art / Onyx
    Space monkey / Can’t stop running
    Spandau ballet / Coffee club
    Spandau ballet / Reformation
    Spandau ballet / Paint me down
    Spandau ballet / Swept
    Spargo / Lady
    Sparks / The armies of the night
    Sparks / Fingertips
    Sparks / Modesty plays
    Sparks / Music that you can dance to
    Special AKA / What I like most about you is your girlfriend
    Specials / Gangsters
    Spectral display / Electric circus
    Spectral display / Legendary
    Spice girls / Never give up on the good times
    Spice girls / Do it
    Spider Murphy gang / Ich schau dich an
    Spin doctors / Jimmy Olssen’s blues
    Spirit / Nature’s way
    Spirit / Fresh garbage
    Spinners / Two can be one
    Split enz / Working up an appetite
    Split enz / Giant heartbeat
    Split enz / Six months in a leaky boat
    Split enz / Six months in a leaky boat
    Spooky & Sue / You talk too much
    Spoons, The / Romantic traffic
    Sports, The / How come
    Squeeze / Out of touch
    Squeeze / Take me I’m yours
    Squeeze / Goodnight girl
    Squeeze / Trust me to open my mouth
    Squeeze / Tempted
    Squeeze / Slaps & tickle
    St. Etienne / How we used to live (album v.)
    Stan Ridgway / Salesman
    Status quo / Margherita time
    Steely Dan / Dirty work
    Stephanie / One love to give
    Stephanie / Dance with me
    Stephen Tin Tin Duffy / Unkiss that kiss
    Stephen Tin tin Duffy / Kiss me (12″ )
    Stephen Tin tin Duffy / Icing on the cake
    Stereolab / Daisy click clack
    Steps / After the love has gone
    Steve Miller band / Macho city
    Steve Miller band / Italian X-rays
    Steve Miller band / Bongo bongo
    Steve Winwood / Valerie
    Stevie B. / Wild about you
    Stevie Wonder / Pastime paradise
    Stonecake / Tuesday afternoon
    Stories / Brother Louie
    Story structure / I told you
    Strange advance / We run
    Stranglers / Skin deep
    Stranglers / You’ll always reap what you sow
    Stranglers / Midnight summer dream (album v.)
    Stranglers / Souls
    Stranglers / She gave it all
    Stranglers / Don’t bring Harry
    Stranglers / Leave it to the dogs
    Stranglers / Grand canyon
    Stranglers / Ice queen
    Strawberry switchblade / 10 James Orr street
    Strawberry switchblade / Who knows what love is
    Strawberry switchblade / Let her go
    Strawberry switchblade / Deep water
    Strawberry switchblade / Another day
    Strawberry switchblade / Little river
    Strawberry switchblade / Go away
    Strawberry switchblade / Secrets
    Stress / Flowers in the rain
    Style council / Speak like a child
    Style council / Headstart for happiness
    Style council / It just came pieces in my hand
    Style council / The piccadilly trail
    Style council / A man of great promise
    Style council / Money come round (Pt. 1)
    Styloo / Pretty face
    Styx / Don’t let it end
    Styx / The best of times
    Sue Saad & the Next / Young girl
    Sugababes / Overload
    Suggs / I’m only sleeping
    Sundays / Here’s where the story ends
    Superheroes / Rich and famous
    Superheroes / Do you wanna dance
    Superheroes / Tomorrow
    Supertramp / C’est le bon
    Surfers / Windsurfing time again
    Survivor / American heartbeat
    Survivor / High on you
    Suzanne Vega / 99.9 Fahrenheit degrees
    Suzanne Vega / Rock in this pocket
    Suzanne Vega / If you were in my movie
    Suzi Quatro / Tonight I could fall in love
    Sweet, The / The lies in your eyes
    Sweet Karen / Got to know why
    Swimming to France / Heaven is waiting
    Swimming with sharks / Careless love
    Swingers, The / Punch and Judy
    Swiss navy / Cool-de-jack
    Supergrass / Pumping on your stereo
    Supergrass / Moving
    Supersister / Present from Nancy
    Supersister / Mexico
    Suzanne Michaels / Mandelay
    Talk talk / Have you heard the news?
    Talk talk / It’s so serious
    Talk talk / Call in the night boy
    Talking heads / Drugs
    Talking heads / Crosseyed and painless
    Tambourine / Waterland
    Tarney Spencer band / Cathy’s clown
    Tarracco / Whiplash
    Tasmin Archer / Steeltown
    Teach-in / Dear John
    Teardrop explodes / Passionate friends
    Teardrop explodes / When I dream
    Tears for fears / Suffer the children
    Tears for fears / Mother’s talk
    Tears for fears / The hurting
    Tears for fears / Swords and knives
    Tears for fears / Listen
    Tears for fears / Broken
    Tears for fears / Raoul and the kings of Spain
    Telekin / Imagination
    Ten CC / You got a cold
    Ten CC / Food for thought
    Ten CC / Don’t turn me away
    Ten sharp / Japanese lovesong
    Terence Trent d’Arby / If you all get to heaven
    Terence Trent d’Arby / Rain
    Terry, Blair & Anouchka / Ultra modern nursery rhyme
    Tevin Campbell / Eye 2 eye
    Texas / When we are together
    Texas / Move in
    The The / Soul mining
    Then Jericho / The motive
    Thereza Bazar / You’re all I ever wanted
    Thinkman / Best adventures
    This mortal coil / Not me
    This mortal coil / Mr. Somewhere
    This island earth / See that glow
    Thunderbugs / Friends forever
    Tim Finn / Staring at the embers
    Thomas Dolby / Hyperactive
    Thompson twins / If you were here
    Thompson twins / Day after day
    Thompson twins / Love lies bleeding
    Thompson twins / Living in Europe
    Thompson twins / Politics
    3 rockies, The / Stop wasting your time
    Tierra / Together
    Tiga / Far from home
    Tight fit / Fantasy island
    Tik & Tok / Screen me I’m yours
    Time bandits / Lookin’ out
    Time bandits / You are every world
    Todd Rundgren / It takes two to tango
    Tom Jones / I wanna get back with you
    Tom tom club / L elephant
    Tom tom club / As above so below
    Tom tom club / Lorelei
    Tom tom club / On on on on
    Tom tom club / Spooks
    Tom Robinson / War baby
    Tony Hadley / For your blue eyes only
    Tool & die / Eyes
    Tori Amos / Blood roses
    Tori Amos / Father Lucifer
    Tori Amos / Crucify
    Tori Amos / Caught a light sneeze
    Tori Amos / Spark
    Toto / You got me
    Toto / Stay away
    Toto / Only the children
    Tower / Titan
    Tracey Ullman / They don’t know
    Tracy Bonham / Eyes
    Tragic mulatto / Tac squad
    Trans-X / 3D-dance
    Trans-X / One for me, one for you
    Trabs-X / Cover girl
    Trans-X / Ghost
    Transister / Dizzy moon
    Transplants / Diamonds and guns
    Transvision vamp / Sister moon
    Transvision vamp / Baby I don’t care
    Transvision vamp / If looks could kill
    Triffids / A trick of the light
    Triffids / Falling
    Triplets / You don’t have to go home tonight
    Triumvirat / Waterfall
    Trix / Fantasy
    3eme sexe / Fire in your eyes
    Truth, The / Confusion
    Tubeway army / Are friends electric?
    Tubeway army / Me! I disconnect from you
    Tuxedomoon / A home away
    Twins, The / Deep within my heart
    Twins, The / X-ray eyes
    Twins, The / Satellite city
    Twins, The / Face to face
    Twins, The / Words and knives
    TV on the radio / Golden age
    Two big boys / Nefertiti
    Two man sound / Disco samba
    T.X.T. / Cold as ice
    U2 / The refugee
    UB 40 / If it happens again (12″ )
    UB 40 / Food for thought
    UB 40 & African bambaataa / Reckless
    Uela / All I want is to be with you
    Ultravox / The thin wall
    Ultravox / Mr. X
    Ultravox / Heart of the country
    Ultravox / White China
    Ultravox / Stranger within
    Ultravox / Accent on youth
    Ultravox / Sleepwalking
    Ultravox / Time stood still
    Ultravox / Passing strangers
    Umberto Tozzi / Gloria
    Umbrellos, Los / No tengo dinero
    Undertones / Here comes the summer
    Underworld / Underneath the radar
    Unknown / Like the wind (Check it in check it out)
    Urban turbans / Street beat
    Valensia / Skaraboushka
    Valet parking / See you at Spago
    Valerie Dore / Guinnevere
    Valerie Dore / The night
    Valerie Dore / Get closer
    Valerie Lagrange / La folie
    Vanessa Paradis / Sunday Mondays
    Van Halen / Panama
    Van Halen / Dreams
    Van Mc.Coy / The Shuffle
    Van Mc.Coy / African symphony
    Vanessa / Broken glass
    Vanessa / Bandolero
    Vanessa / Obsession
    Vanessa / Don’t pull the trigger on me
    Vangelis / Spiral
    Vangelis / Alpha
    Vangelis / Dervish D
    Vangelis / Kinematic
    Vangelis / Pulstar
    Vegas / Walk into the wind
    Vels, The / Look my way
    Verona / Zomer in Domburg
    Verona / Ed Raket
    Veronique Sanson / Mon voison
    Viktor Lazlo / I don’t want to love again
    Viktor Lazlo / Canoe rose
    Viktor Lazlo / Sweet, soft & lazy
    Vikror Lazlo / Last call for an angel
    Village people / 5 ‘o clock in the morning
    Vinyl / Pulse
    Visage / Night train (7″)
    Visage / Pleasure boys
    Visage / We move
    Visage / The anvil
    Vitesse / What kind of man
    Viva voce / The unreal city
    V.O.F. de kunst / Oude liefde roest niet
    Voice of America / Story of love
    Voices in motion / Nothing but love
    Voyage / Following the brightest star
    Vulcano / Dolce far niente
    Vulcano / Sancta simplicitas
    Wall of voodoo / Tomorrow
    Wallenstein / Charline
    Wallstreet crash / Music man
    Walther Nita / Viva la discoteca
    Walther Nita Boogie on the bebop
    Wang chung / Wait
    Wang chung / Wake up, stop dreaming
    War / Low rider
    War / The cisko kid
    Ward brothers / Cross that bridge
    Was not was / Where did your heart go?
    Waterloo / Impossible dream
    Watusi bros / Body work
    Way of life show-tune
    Wax / American / English
    Wax / Anchors aweigh
    Wax / Breakout
    Wax / Wherever you are
    Wax / Marie Claire
    Weezer / Island in the sun
    Wendy & Lisa / Rainbow lake
    Wess & Dori Ghezzi / Era
    What fun / The right side won
    What fun / Let’s get digital
    When in Rome / The promise
    Whistling Jack Smith / I was kaiser Bill’s batman
    White fire / Tell Michelle
    White Soxx / Versailles
    Whodini / Freaks come out at night
    Will Powers / Adventures in success
    Wilson Phillips / Flesh & blood
    Wish key / Last summer
    Woodentops / Love train
    World, The / Shoo shoo wah
    Xentrix / Hip
    XTC / Wonderland
    XTC / Frost circus
    XTC / All you pretty girls
    Xymox / Evelyn
    Xymox / Blind hearts
    Yazoo / Mr. Blue
    Yazz / Fine time
    Yello / Lost again
    Yello / Desire
    Yellowjackets / Claire’s song
    Yoko Ono / Walking on thin ice
    Yvonne Heim / Where have all the flowers gone
    Zaine Griff / Fahrenheit 451
    Zaine Griff / The vanishing man
    Zaine Griff / The proud ones
    Zinatra / Hero
    Zu zu sharks / Love tumbles down
    Zutons / You will you won’t
    ZZ Top / Ten foot pole
    ZZ Top / Groovy little hippie dad

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